Reimagining Careers Over a Nine-Week Period

RECON is a 9-week job-readiness class. This class provides support and access to securing employment through 1:1 support of an Employment Specialist and help with removing barriers.

Barriers include but are not limited to transportation costs, work clothing, creating a resume, obtaining ID documents, linkages to medical and mental health providers, and needed certification courses for employment. We also provide support for: paying off old DMV tickets, minor car maintenance (oil change, new tire), purchase of school textbooks, and more.

Topics covered in RECON include:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Boundaries in the Workplace
  • GED/Higher Education
  • Skills to Pay the Bills
  • Benefits of Social Media
  • Mock Interviews
  • How to Get A State Job

If you are interested, please contact Angela Vega at 916-562-4069 or


Take the First Step Toward Your Future

Our programs and services are specifically designed to serve women who have been commercially sexually exploited and are peer-led.

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