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At CASH, we have access to a range of housing resources and shelters in the community to cater to the diverse housing needs of survivors, whether they require short-term or long-term housing. We provide Comprehensive Survivor Services that include emergency housing, transitional housing, and rental assistance.

Our Housing Navigator and Health & Housing Specialist are trained navigators who are able to assist with resolving episodes of homelessness by exploring existing supports and options for assistance. They are trained in using equity-driven tools to determine eligibility and prioritization for available shelter or housing resources.

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Please contact:

Leslie Rust – lrust@cashsac.org

Kia Hopkins – Thopkins@cashsac.org 


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Emergency shelters provide safe, temporary housing for individuals and/or families with no alternative safe housing options while they are supported in obtaining permanent housing or access to other appropriate assistance, such as treatment. Emergency shelters may serve specific populations (e.g., families with children, single adults, transition-age youth) in congregate or non-congregate facilities and do not require occupants to sign leases or occupancy agreements. They seek to have low barriers to entry and, at a minimum, provide basic needs, housing-focused services, and linkage to voluntary mainstream services.

Transitional Housing (TH)

Transitional housing (TH) is designed to provide homeless individuals and families with the interim stability and support they need to successfully move to and maintain permanent housing. It may cover the costs of up to 24 months of housing with accompanying supportive services. Program participants must have a lease (or sublease) or occupancy agreement in place when residing in transitional housing.

Rapid Rehousing (RRH)

Rapid Rehousing (RRH) provides short-term (up to three months) and medium-term (4-24 months) tenant-based rental assistance and supportive services to households experiencing homelessness. Length of assistance is based upon need and evaluated on a month-to-month basis.

Permanent Housing (PH)

Permanent Housing (PH) is a community-based housing model whose purpose is to provide housing without a designated length of stay. PH program participants must be the tenants on a lease (or sublease), which must:

  • Have an initial term of at least one year
  • Be renewable for a minimum term of one month
  • Be terminable only for cause

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is permanent housing in which housing assistance (e.g., long-term leasing or rental assistance) and supportive services are provided to assist households with at least one member (Head of household) with a disability in achieving housing stability.

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We are safe and non-judgmental no matter what you're going through.  Our outreach workers are trained, compassionate, and helpful, and are ready to help you find your footing again.

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