Peer Mentoring & Education

Support Groups

Becoming Me

This curriculum is written by Survivors for Survivors of Human Trafficking.  This group is designed to guide you on your journey of healing the little girl within.  Come join us every Friday for a self-paced, transparent, judgement-free space that will support you in becoming your authentic self. For questions and enrollment, please contact Raphaella Fontenot at (916) 793-6221.

Beyond Anger & Violence

A woman’s group that provides a safe space to explore your past and deal with the feelings in healthy ways, see the strengths you have and the skills you need. This group also teaches it's participants various mindfulness techniques to practice grounding and self-awareness. If you are interested, please contact Angela Vega at 916-562-4069 or

Intergenerational Class

Our monthly intergenerational trauma class explores the impact of past traumas on individuals and families across generations. Participants learn about the science of trauma, explore strategies for coping and healing, and engage in meaningful conversations about how they can work together to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma. The goal is to foster greater understanding, empathy, and resilience and to empower women with the knowledge and tools to create positive change in their lives and communities. Contact our center to learn more: (916)-856-2900.

Mommy & Me Class

CASH’s Mommy and Me class is designed to provide an opportunity for mothers to bond with their children while also engaging in various educational and developmental activities. Activities may often include music, movement, arts and crafts, storytelling, and sensory play. Mommy & Me is a great way for parents to connect with other parents and for children to meet with other children their age and develop social skills. Class days and times vary, so please feel free to contact our center to learn more: (916)-856-2900.

Take the First Step Toward Your Future

Our programs and services are specifically designed to serve women who have been commercially sexually exploited and are peer-led.

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