Independent & Self-Sufficient

Phoebe (002)

Well, to be honest, CASH is home to me.  I’ve been in the whole program since 2017.  I was looking at a long time in prison, but instead of that, I got to be a part of CASH.  As part of my diversion program, I had to check in with the court every month with my case manager and give a progress report.  I went to a rehab that they put me in for 4 months, then I moved into a transitional place that they paid for.  I also attended the ReSET diversion class.  I liked it because we learned a lot. That went really well for a year, and I got my felony reduced to a misdemeanor. 

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to stay clean.  But, they continued to stick by my side and guide me with the help I needed.  I’ve had tons of support and love from every staff member at CASH.  I’ve had my ups and downs and they’ve seen it all.  I eventually ended up pregnant and they walked through every step with me.  They also got me connected to very wonderful doctors.  I just love my health clinic.  CASH has made me the independent, self-sufficient woman that I am.  They helped me help myself.  Today, I work full-time, live with my son, and continue to build my future.  My opinion about it all is – it worked for me!

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