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We Help You Look Forward

You deserve to have hope for your future, and every woman deserves to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. We are here for you, whether it's to help you find housing, a safe place to unwind, or connection with others who have been where you are.

We also offer individual peer-mentoring.  Our peer-mentors know what you are going through and can support you in meeting your short or long-term goals.  Call for an appointment or email svaden@cashsac.org.

Our Outreach Program takes us directly to women that need us the most.  If you are out on the street and want to talk - we are safe and non-judgmental.  Our outreach workers are trained, compassionate, and helpful.

Visit Our Center

We're open Monday through Friday 12:30 - 4:30 pm. Come visit our Center for Women located in Oak Park for something to eat, fresh clothes from our boutique, or simply for a place to relax.

Call A Mentor

We serve women who are or have been commercially sexually exploited, sex-trafficked, or involved in prostitution.  Call us, we can help: 916-856-2900.

Full Support to Help You

Look to the Future

Center for Women

All are welcome to come in, have something to eat, look for clothes in our closet, or relax and watch some TV.  We have computers, phones, and someone available to talk to.

RESET Diversion Program

This 25 Hour course meets Sacramento County's prostitution diversion requirements.  Classes are informative and interactive.

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Comphensive Survivor Services

CASH helps women who have been victims of sex-trafficking or other crimes through emergency housing, case management, recovery assistance, and health programs.

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Healthy Women and Families

We partner with emergency and longer-term housing providers and offer a strong support system for pregnant women. We help moms have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is fundamental to all of our our programs and services.  All of our direct service staff members have lived experience that matches the women we serve.  They help participants create and meet their goals.

Additional Services

In addition to our core services, CASH also provides training on the causes and harms of prostitution activity in our community in order to support and educate neighborhood leaders, medical professionals, and law enforcement.

Take the First Step Toward Your Future

We are safe and non-judgmental no matter what you're going through.  Our outreach workers are trained, compassionate, and helpful, and are ready to help you find your footing again.

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